How We Work

So here's how it all goes down....

  1. You select a design you like, and all the other options allowed for that design, such as color and size.
  2. You submit your order, tell us where you want it shipped, and pay us.
  3. We send your order to our trusted shirt making wizard that using awesome powers puts your design on a shirt, that even matches the size and color you selected. (This usually takes about 3 business days to print and prepare it to ship, but in unusually rare situations, could take 5-7 business days to process and print, depending on how many other shirts that need to be printed as well.)
  4. Your shirt is shipped to the address you provided, anywhere in the world.
  5. You put on the shirt and make other people jealous with how cool you are.
  6. Your friends ask you where you got such a cool shirt, and you either tell them a magical unicorn brought it to you from the meadow fairies, or you tell them  It's up to you, although we're kinda partial to the one and truly appreciate spreading the word about us.

Design Process

At polink, we have a pretty in-depth design process.  First, we think up stupid and funny stuff and try and determine if it's something funny just to us, or if other people would get it too.  If we think other people will get it too, then we give it a try.  We use some super cool state of the art software that we're pretty sure has little gnomes running around on the inside to make it all work, but don't quote us on that one, to develop the designs.  We make it look pretty (or not so pretty, depending on the intended effect) then pair it with one or several different shirt and color options, depending on what looks best and what will hold up well over time.

Printing Process

Each of our shirts aren't actually produced until an order is placed, meaning, we don't maintain active inventory of the shirts.  While this can add a couple extra days to process the order, it ultimately allows us to offer a lot more designs and options we couldn't offer otherwise, because it would cost like a million gazillion dollars or something like that.  Our trusted shirt making wizard utilizes some pretty impressive technology, using Direct-to-Garment printing.  This process provides a more precise and better quality design with inks that handle washing and wear much better over time than say rudimentary silk-screening.  We're all about cool technology here.